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Welcome to Decotect. We have the pleasure of presenting a world with Aluminium and Steel in a new and exciting dimension. Light reflecting and vibrant design art which makes the experience extremely elegant. A perfect ingredient to modern architecture, interior and art exhibitions in today’s world, where increasing demands for innovation in the modern design world gives challenging possibilities.
In Decotect we take great pride in satisfying the client’s vision and needs in designart and we provide ideas for the perfect “touch” to a modern decor solution. Inspiration for the variety of possibilities can be found in our gallery on this website in the shape of: Cubes, Spirals, Clocks, Lamps and Wall decorations.
Our design can be easily matched to hotels, malls, businesses, companies and individuals who wants to add ambient life in a refreshing, elegant and varied way with our newly developed and modern style. Furthermore the designs can be used both indoor and outdoor.
Decotect have the visions and prepare easily drafts and color samples in order for the best and most professional decision can be achieved.


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